Red Fox Van

VW Crafter 4.5T
Dimensions: 2.7m height, 2m width, 5.5m length. Registration: YEO983

Purpose built, the ‘Red Fox Van’ will cater for a cast and crew of 50. Quality gear, design and functionality make this the best in its class. It can be plugged into mains power or supply the full unit and catering via the on-board generator, with the very latest technology and emission control. The van can tow toilets, larger ‘trailer mounted’ generators or supply trailer with additional gear as required.

Red Fox Van
Red Fox Van

Package Equipment List

The standard equipment list is as follows but items can be included or removed upon request:

  • Coffee trolley with Vibiemme Domobar, 1kg grinder, inbuilt fridge and tea draws, hot and cool 15 litre spring water dispenser and 50 litre pump and tap
  • 8 x directors chairs
  • 2 x large card tables
  • 3 x (20′ x 10′) pop up marquees (white)
  • 1 x (10′ x 10′) pop-up marquee (black)
  • Marquee sides (black and white), shade cloth and window sides
  • 60 litre fridge and 60 litre freezer
  • 1 x PVC 2.5 metre cube tent ‘workpod’
  • 6 x 8′ alloy/ply tables
  • 1 x 6′ alloy/ply tables
  • 50 x black plastic chairs
  • 2 x large eskies
  • 10 litre urn and gas cooker
  • 2 x 20 litre water jerry cans
  • 10 x power cables
  • Power boards and adapter
  • Clamps, wedges, tapes, cordless drill and tool kits
  • Bolt cutters, jumper leads and recovery gear
  • Ropes, ratchet straps and screw pegs
  • Megaphone
  • 10 x golf umbrellas


  • 1 x 6.5kVA silenced Honda generator
  • 1 x 2kVA silenced Honda generator
  • 10 x shot bags
  • 6 x 56 litre garbage bins
  • 1 x 160 litre wheelie bin
  • 1 x gas area heater
  • 2 x fan heaters
  • Full marquee lighting
  • Flood lighting and hazard lights
  • 250kg hand trolley
  • 1 ton alloy OHS loading ramp
  • 20m hose and various fittings
  • Garden broom and rake
  • Brooms, mops and mop buckets
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Fire blankets, tarpolens and rubber safety matting
  • OHS First Aid Kit and sunscreen
  • Water, Co2 and Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
  • Safety gear kit including vests, eye and ear protection
  • Extra tea and coffee set up
  • Large supply of toilet paper and paper towel
  • Cups, cup lids, bottled water, soft drinks and consumables as per request